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Russell H. Marshall is the owner and operator of Marshall Fiduciary Services.  He is a California Certified Fiduciary and a National Master Guardian with the Center for Guardianship Certification.  Russ has been a private professional fiduciary since 1998.  Prior to that, he was the Manager of Estate Administration for the Santa Clara County Public Administrator/Guardian/Conservator for ten years.
Russ has served as President of the Professional  Fiduciary Association of California.  He also served as President of the State Association of Public Administrators/Guardians/Conservators.  He has served as a member of the Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Advisory Commission to the State Bar of California and a member of the Probate and Mental Health Advisory Committee to the Judicial Council of California.
Russ has been a real estate broker since 1972. He specializes in listing properties for other fiduciaries.  He is an expert in the Probate sales procedure.

Russ and Bettie Marshall